Hello! My name is Angela and I am the creator of all things that you find on Quinn Bee.  All my life I have wanted to have my own business. My first 'business' was when I was eight years old and I started a hair dressing salon for Barbies....sad to say it was not successful. 

I have always been creative, I draw and paint and love love doing any sort of craft. But when I started sewing it was the best thing I had ever done and fell in love with the process and how everything comes together, and it brings me joy everyday. And this is how Quinn Bee was started.

Two years ago we welcomed into the world our little girl who is the inspiration behind all fabric and outfits you see here. I didn't want to go back to the office world where I would get lost in someone else's vision. I wanted to create my own vision, my own style out of my own passion. I love love being creative. And this is how you know you will be getting a product that was made from love and passion.

It was an easy (and very hard) decision to make, to start my own business. It enables me to stay home with my little one which is something I enjoy doing and am very grateful that I can. It also enables me to do something everyday that I absolutely love doing. I constantly need a creative outlet to keep me sane and now with Quinn Bee it's safe to say my mind is at ease...well most of the time, I did say I have a two year old!

Every fabric choice that you see I have fallen in love with and have to have it. Every design you see I have fallen in love with and see a practical, functional, and stylish side to it. I also try to make all my pieces very versatile so you can mix and match them with all your other little ones precious items. I also want you to be able to get more than one season wear out of them (I hope, as we all know they grow super fast).  I am a perfectionist so everything you receive has been selected, designed and made with you in mind. 

So happy shopping and I hope you love my stuff as much as I do, and thank you for choosing to shop small, handmade and helping a family business.

Ange x x